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Red veins in eyes – Something you should never ignore!

Waking up to red, teary eyes may not be a great way to start a day. But what does it mean when your eyes are bloodshot? The red veins in the white portion of the eyes mean that the blood vessels in your eyes are swollen or irritated. Generally, the degree of redness is no indication of its seriousness. A bloodshot eye may be a […]

Glaucoma – Beat the odds of developing this silent killer

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the world. Most often it is associated with build-up of eye pressure which slowly and irreversibly damages the optic nerve. It is painless, manifests no symptoms, virtually undetectable in the early stages and sad to say, it is incurable too. Hence, timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment is the key to protecting yourself against this […]

Move forward with ReLEx SMILE!

Do you fumble around for your glasses the moment you wake up or constantly hunt for a dropped lens and pay out for replacements? If so, you might wish to consider the change ReLEx SMILE could make in your quality of life and the things you would be free to enjoy. ReLEx SMILE is the next generation of laser vision correction beyond Lasik! It is […]

Let use moncler outlet jackets a split from one of the biggest

Last night we celebrated my father’s 72nd birthday. Despite the fact that he specializes in morbid humor, has white hair and a senior citizen style day of the week pill case, he’s more alive than anyone I know. Sure, my siblings will always be a little bit envious that I got to miss the part where my parents were overworked, struggling and less available, but […]

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