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Just wanted your thoughts on any fresh trigger that you see in

She can’t be a jerk, or the audience won’t root for her. If you’re doing one of those career vs. Personal life plots, then her flaw is that she loves her career too much, so you got that cut out for you. Or he decides maybe she’ll give me her number if I just sit here and stare with my mouth open a little, girls like that, right? Plus, if I make a scene, maybe I’ll be late getting home; I’m expecting some important mail today. Better just quietly do nothing.”Yay! It’s the latest issue of Hot Buttered Asses!”I remember once leaving a bar late one night with a friend, and on the street outside, this pulsating meathead of a neckless twat was just tearing into a girl. They were apparently a couple, but meathead was angry about something, and his girlfriend, easily 100 pounds less than him, was bearing the brunt of his rage.

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