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Red veins in eyes – Something you should never ignore!

Waking up to red, teary eyes may not be a great way to start a day. But what does it mean when your eyes are bloodshot? The red veins in the white portion of the eyes mean that the blood vessels in your eyes are swollen or irritated. Generally, the degree of redness is no indication of its seriousness. A bloodshot eye may be a simple allergy that will clear up on its own, or a persistent slight redness can be a warning sign of a medical emergency.

Enlarged red veins on the whites of your eyes can affect your self-esteem and social life. Perhaps you’ll even start avoiding making eye contact with people you meet. Yes, seeing red is tough though. If you are bothered with a ‘red eye’ problem remember you are not alone. Generally, red eye is caused by seasonal allergies, staying up all night crying, working at the computer for long hours, sleeping face down snuggled up with your pillow, swimming in chlorinated water without goggles, sneezing or coughing violently, falling asleep with your makeup on and glare from the bright sun. Employing simple tips when your eyes need love can make you feel both energized and uplifted. It may include

  • Using a humidifier to reduce eye dryness and irritation
  • Blinking regularly, especially when working at the computer
  • Protecting your eyes from the sun by wearing sunglasses which block UV rays
  • Removing eye makeup before going to bed
  • Staying away from environmental pollutants like cigarette smoke and vehicle exhaust
  • Avoiding dusty environments
  • Avoiding usage of contact lenses longer than the recommended wearing period
  • Cleaning your contact lenses regularly
  • Avoiding vigorous rubbing of eyes

Redness of the eye sometimes can signal more serious eye conditions or diseases like pink eye, uveitis, glaucoma or corneal ulcers. Hence, if redness persists it is important to see your eye doctor right away. If you have unexplained, persistent or severe bloodshot eyes accompanied by pain or changes in vision seek professional help from Ume Eye Clinic experts.  They will help you get the red out!

Are your bright, cheery eyes marred with zigzagging blood vessels? Are your eyes bloodshot and red-rimmed? Wake up! It may be an indication of a simple allergy to a more serious condition like vision-threatening glaucoma. Call 044 40 510 510 and schedule an eye exam to rule out a more sinister cause of your red eyes. Remember, with the right type of care you can resolve the redness and keep your peepers shining bright!

Dr. N.V. Arulmozhi Varman,

M.B.B.S, D.O, M.S Ophthalmology,

Medical Director – Uma Eye Clinic

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