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Refractive services

Laser vision correction

UMA EYE CLINIC has been performing Laser Vision Correction for over 2 decades. For the past 10 years we have been associated with Reya Laser Vision Centre, providing state of the art LASER assisted correction of eye powers. One of UMA EYE CLINIC’s forte has always been in the forefront of introducing new techniques and technology for the benefit of our patients. We have successfully treated 20,000 patients.

UMA EYE CLINIC was the FIRST to bring the Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix Z100 to Chennai. It ushered the first DUAL BEAM LASER DELIVERY, IRIS PATTERN RECOGNITION, CUSTOM LASIK platform in South East Asia.

The shape of the human cornea has UNIQUE ABERRATIONS similar to a human fingerprint. The human cornea also has optical aberrations which varies from person to person, eye to eye. Customized Laser Correction provides an unique treatment protocol to correct individual eyes.UMA EYE CLINIC has also installed the latest generation custom treatment I DESIGN by VISX. Corneal flaps were initially created with a microkeratome, which is a BLADE to create the corneal flap.

UMA EYE CLINIC In our continuous quest to improve, introduced INTRALASE (FEMTOSECOND LASER) which creates a corneal flap without using a blade. This BLADE-LESS technology is currently approved by NASA, US Navy. UMA EYE CLINIC was the first to introduce blade-less LASIK( FEMTOSECOND) in Chennai.

UMA EYE CLINIC went a step further by bringing a FLAPLESS LASER. By introducing the Carl Zeiss VISUMAX SMILE to Chennai, thus pioneering the first FLAPLESS FEMTOLASIK into this part of the world. There will however there will be a certain patients who will not be fit to undergo LASIK. This could be due to very high power or thin corneas.

Such patients can be treated by a treatment modality known as INTRAOCULAR COLLAMER LENS Implant which UMA EYE CLINIC has been regularly doing from 2000. To learn more about how such patients can also have their refractive errors corrected, go to TOTAL REFRACTIVE SOLUTIONS.

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