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Reya-Z-100 Laser Vision Center True to the spirit of staying at the forefront of eye care, Uma Eye Clinic has opened a high-tech Lasik centre, the Reya-Z-100 Laser Vision Centre. The centre has the services of the latest Lasik machine the Zyoptix z-100, which is available in very few centres in India.

The Zyoptix z-100 is a major advance in treatment. It has advanced safety features that include iris recognition that ensures treatment for the correct eye and rotational eye tracker that ensures greater precision.

This treatment is twice as fast and is suitable for a greater variety of abnormalities. It affords excellent results

The centre provides hands on surgical experience.

The advantage include:

  • Iris Recognition- Greater accuracy of treatment placement
  • Automatic patient identification ensures correct eye is treated
  • Zy-ID – A unique digital ‘map’ of the iris, individual to every patient
  • Multidimensional Eye tracker- Compensates and corrects for intra-operative eye-movement in every dimension, including cyclotorsion and pupil shift
  • 100Hz Laser- For significantly faster treatment times
  • Treatment planner- For wide range of treatment options
  • LED Illuminations- For greater pupil iris contrast, greater surgical visibility and improved comfort for patients and surgeons
  • Zeiss Microscope- Increases visibility by allowing for 3 levels of magnification.

With the latest technology at the hands of skilled professionals, the Centre ensures the best results possible.
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