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Best Eye Clinic in Chennai

No.1 Eye Clinic in Chennai -We have been consistently Top Ranked Among various surveys conducted by National & Health magazines {Times of India, Times Health, India Health Care, Outlook.}

Achieve Spectacle Independence with the latest in refractive surgery with SMILE

Best in Class Treatment for Cataract Surgery

Zeiss ARTEVO 800 3D Digital Microscope
Robotic Laser Cataract Surgery

Welcome To Uma Eye Clinic


Uma eye clinic is a tertiary care, super speciality eye care center.This clinic has been functioning since 1985.From small beginnings it has grown to a center of excellence in eye care delivery. Our forte has always been to deliver the highest quality of eye care both in terms of technique and technology.

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Dr. Arulmozhi Varman is the driving force behind Uma Eye Clinic, which is famed for the largest number of Multifocal IOL's successfully completed in India

He is the pioneer in Phacoemulsification in India and has been invited to perform and teach Phacoemulsification in various countries across the world.

He is a man who is constantly revolutionizing the field of eye care in India. He is a man of many talents who also wants to give back to the society and thus founded the Vision Foundation and Eye Bank to further this cause.


We Are Certified Award Winning Hospital.

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" One Year Phaco-Refractive fellowship is available for Indian citizens "

Training Program

The Course Details:

Uma Eye Clinic conducts various training programs. The PHACO & Lasik Training Program conducted here is one of the best programs available in India for National and International Ophthalmologists.

Dr. Arulmozhi Varman is a Master surgeon and experienced instructor having conducted over 150 PHACO training programmes in India and abroad. He has over 30 years experience in the technology and has trained about 300 ophthalmologists at this centre.

The centre trains Ophthalmology residents of International Universities and established eye care practitioners from India and abroad. This is one of the very few training centres in the world to train with AMO Signature, AMO Compact PHACOemulsification system and the Zeiss Lumera 700 Microscope. The centre has tie ups with USA and UK Universities for training their Ophthalmology residents.

If your are interested in learning more about the program, please provide your email id and contact number

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We Provide the highest level of satisfaction care & services to our patients.

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