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Move forward with ReLEx SMILE!

Do you fumble around for your glasses the moment you wake up or constantly hunt for a dropped lens and pay out for replacements? If so, you might wish to consider the change ReLEx SMILE could make in your quality of life and the things you would be free to enjoy. ReLEx SMILE is the next generation of laser vision correction beyond Lasik! It is a 100% bladeless, painless and flapless procedure where a lenticule is removed via a small corneal incision. Yes, with ReLEx there is no need to create a corneal flap. No wonder, ReLEx SMILE is the procedure of choice for all myopes. Now it is time for you to move up to the 3rd generation of laser vision correction – with ZEISS ReLEx SMILE. Indeed ReLEx


Glaucoma – Beat the odds of developing this silent killer

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the world. Most often it is associated with build-up of eye pressure which slowly and irreversibly damages the optic nerve. It is painless, manifests no symptoms, virtually undetectable in the early stages and sad to say, it is incurable too. Hence, timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment is the key to protecting yourself against this often silent blinding disease.

Don’t let the ‘silent thief of sight’ sneak up on you! Well, what could be done to prevent glaucoma? The things that could help prevent glaucoma are actually general health recommendations including

  1. Opting for exercise: Research studies validate that incorporating a moderate exercise regime into your daily routine can considerably reduce the risk of developing the sight-threatening, Glaucoma. Yes, every

Red veins in eyes – Something you should never ignore!

Waking up to red, teary eyes may not be a great way to start a day. But what does it mean when your eyes are bloodshot? The red veins in the white portion of the eyes mean that the blood vessels in your eyes are swollen or irritated. Generally, the degree of redness is no indication of its seriousness. A bloodshot eye may be a simple allergy that will clear up on its own, or a persistent slight redness can be a warning sign of a medical emergency.

Enlarged red veins on the whites of your eyes can affect your self-esteem and social life. Perhaps you’ll even start avoiding making eye contact with people you meet. Yes, seeing red is tough though. If you are bothered

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